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Episode 104 Angela Pancella

Cass interviews Angela Pancella, a Roman Catholic woman who approached him about her engagement with atheist/theist conversations. To her credit, she attended a Free Inquiry meet up in Cincinnati just to better understand what it’s like to be an atheist in Christian hegemonic culture. Angela is a Thomist, which means her theology is largely informed by Thomas Aquinas. If you’re going to hold to a form of Catholicism or theism in general, Thomism is not a bad approach. His attempt to be honest in his theological formation in view of emerging science and philosophy was genuine. He believed that truth is to be accepted no matter where it is found. Thomists argue that faith and reason need not be mutually exclusive. Aquinas was a realist and endorsed much of Aristotle’s philosophies and neoplatonism which purport an ineffable, non-being One (with a capital “O”) as the source and unification of all things.

Angela is a community developer and organizer through Woven Oak Initiatives--a non-profit organization based in Norwood, Ohio that provides a home for small programs focused on education and mentorship. It also serves as a connector in the community, providing opportunities for dialogue, service and relationship-building. Angela has two books published on Amazon. She is also a U2 enthusiast and is generally interested in finding liturgy in secular pop culture.  Bob was out of town for this taping, but he returns at the end for some commentary. 

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"Towering Mountain of Ignorance" intro by Hank Green https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3v3S82TuxU
Intro bumper "Never Know" by Jack Johnson

Thanks for listening and be a yes-sayer to what is.

Email Angela your thoughts on U2 at apancella@gmail.com

Articles Angela has written for the fan website @U2


The U2 Conference and it’s founder, Dr. Scott Calhoun

Starfire Community: An Org Angela Supports

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