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Everyone's Agnostic Podcast

Cass & Marie interview people you don’t know, about a subject no one wants to talk about. We hope to encourage people in the process of deconstructing their faith and help curb the loneliness that accompanies it. We think the world is a better place when more people live by sight, not by faith.

Jan 14, 2016

Cass and Dr. Bob converse with Kristi Kiger. Kristi is one of those that doesn’t have a book or a blog, she’s a nurse with a big heart for people broken on the wheels of life and an avid social justice worker. Kristi only left Christianity 6 months ago so the feelings are still pretty fresh. Like many good-hearted people, she found Christianity attractive as a vehicle by which she could make the world a better place. It was not shoved down her throat as a child; she chose it as a young adult through high school and college and worked 10 years for a Christian non-profit outreach in Washington DC. But people who enter religion in pursuit of love and justice will often find that pursuit hitting the wall of conditional love and justice for which the Christian church is infamous. 

"Towering Mountain of Ignorance" intro by Hank Green
Intro bumper "Never Know" by Jack Johnson
All other music is by Cass Midgley

Thanks for listening and be a yes-sayer to what is.

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Julia Sweeney’s “Letting Go of God.”


almost seven years ago

Enjoyed listening to this interview. Just recently found this site. On my own new journey deconstructing from Christianity. One request, Cass, please give the guests an opportunity to answer all the questions. I've noticed sometimes you answer a question Bob will ask. Of course that won't stop me from listening!